Brand New Landed Property for Sale

Brand New Landed Property

Welcome to our curated collection of exceptional brand new landed homes, each crafted to cater to unique lifestyle preferences and dreams. Whether you’re seeking a serene family retreat, a luxurious urban escape, or an investment opportunity, our collection has something for everyone.

Maple Avenue Bukit Timah Semi-Detached House For Sale
Mount Rosie Brand New Inter Terrace Landed Property
Brand New Jalan Selanting Upper Bukit Timah Semi-Detached House
Brand New Jalan Selanting Upper Bukit Timah Semi-Detached House
Jalan Angin Laut Semi-Detached House
mountbatten road semi-detached house
aida street brand new semi detached linked bungalow
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holland road semi detached house for sales
brand new semi detached houses at sian tuan avenue
brand new semi detached houses at sian tuan avenue
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jalan kayu bungalow for sale singapore
Sennett Road Semi Detached
739 Upper Changi road east Hero
Brand New Landed Property For Sale In Singapore

Brand New Landed Homes with The Landed Collective

A brand new landed property refers to a house directly attached to a land that is newly constructed and is being sold for the first time. Brand new landed homes offer several advantages and considerations:

  1. Modern Features and Amenities: Brand new landed properties often come with the latest architecture designs, modern amenities such as a home lift, and quality fixtures. A new landed home typically incorporates innovative technologies such as smart home features, solar panels and EV car charging station. 
  2. Customisation and Personalisation: Buyers often have the opportunity to customise certain aspects of the property depending on the stage of construction, such as finishes, materials, or even minor layout changes, based on developer options or agreements.
  3. Reduced Maintenance: Since everything is new, there’s less immediate need for maintenance or repairs, reducing initial costs after purchase.
  4. Warranty and Guarantees: A brand new landed property comes with a defined defect liability period and the installed home appliances and fixtures come attached with warranties, offering peace of mind to buyers regarding any potential issues.
  5. Construction Quality: Buyers can evaluate the quality of construction and materials used, ensuring that the brand new landed home meets modern standards for safety and durability.
  6. Potential Price Premium: Due to their newness, desirable locations, and modern features, brand new landed properties sell for higher prices as compared to older landed properties in the same area.

However, do take note that buying a brand new landed property involves considerations such as potential delays in construction, the reputation and track record of the developer, and ensuring that all promised features and amenities are delivered as agreed upon. In addition, you have to understand all terms and conditions such as the defects liability warranty and inspect the property before the purchase to ensure that it aligns with your preferences and expectations.

Purchasing a brand new landed house offers the advantages of acquiring a home with a clean slate, customisable options, and fewer immediate maintenance concerns.  

Hence when considering to purchase a brand new landed property, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, work with reputable real estate agents or developers and come up with your own checklist before making a purchase. Additionally, understanding the surrounding neighbourhood, amenities, and future development plans can add value to the decision-making process.