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Find Landed Property Agent For The Best Property Deals

Find Property Agent: Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Advisors

What services do landed property agents provide?

Landed property agents provide a comprehensive range of services to assist potential property buyers in making informed decisions and navigating the complexities of the landed property market. These services include:

1. Property Search

Landed property agents have access to an extensive database of listings and can help buyers identify suitable properties based on their preferences, budget, and location requirements. They have a deep understanding of the local market trends and can provide valuable insights on property availability and pricing.

2. Property Viewings

Agents arrange property viewings, allowing buyers to physically explore the properties they are interested in. They accompany buyers during these visits, providing guidance and answering any questions they may have about the property, its surroundings, and potential renovations or modifications.

3. Market Analysis

Landed property agents conduct thorough market analysis, assessing factors such as recent property transactions, supply and demand dynamics, and upcoming developments. This analysis helps buyers gauge the fair value of a property and make informed decisions.

4. Negotiation

Experienced agents possess strong negotiation skills and can negotiate on behalf of buyers to secure the best possible deal. They have a deep understanding of market trends, property values, and negotiation strategies, ensuring buyers get the best value for their investment.

5. Legal and Financial Assistance

Landed property agents collaborate with legal professionals to ensure smooth and legally-compliant transactions. They assist buyers in reviewing and understanding legal documents, contracts, and financing options, guiding them through the entire purchasing process.

6. Due Diligence

Agents conduct thorough due diligence on properties, assessing factors such as land titles, planning regulations, and potential encumbrances. This helps buyers make informed decisions and mitigates the risk of any unforeseen complications post-purchase.

7. After-sales Support

Even after the property purchase is completed, agents continue to provide assistance and support. They can recommend reliable contractors, interior designers, and other professionals for renovations or maintenance works. They also provide guidance on property management and rental if buyers are looking to lease out the property.


In summary, landed property agents offer a comprehensive suite of services, combining their expertise, market knowledge, and extensive networks to guide potential property buyers in every step of the buying process. Whether it’s property search, negotiation, legal compliance, or after-sales support, these agents play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and successful property investment journey.

What can I expect from the buying or selling process when working with a property agent?

When working with a professional property agent for buying or selling a property, you can expect a streamlined and efficient process that is guided by their expertise and knowledge in the real estate market. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Initial Consultation

The agent will schedule an initial consultation to understand your requirements, preferences, and budget. This will help them assess your needs and align them with suitable properties or potential buyers.

2. Property Search or Marketing

Based on your criteria, the agent will conduct a comprehensive search or create a targeted marketing strategy to find properties or buyers that meet your requirements. They will leverage their network, market insights, and resources to identify suitable options.

3. Property Viewings or Presentations

The agent will arrange property viewings for you as a buyer, where you can assess the condition, location, and suitability of the properties. As a seller, the agent will conduct presentations to potential buyers, showcasing the unique features and benefits of your property.

4. Market Analysis and Negotiations

A professional landed property agent will conduct a thorough market analysis to determine the fair market value of the property. They will use their negotiation skills to secure the best possible price for buyers or sellers, actively representing your interests throughout the negotiation process.

5. Documentation and Legalities

Once an agreement is reached, the agent will assist in preparing the necessary documentation, including purchase agreements, contracts, and other legal requirements. They will ensure that all paperwork is in order and guide you through the necessary procedures.

6. Coordination and Support

Throughout the buying or selling process, the agent will coordinate with relevant parties, such as lawyers, bankers, and inspectors, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. They will provide guidance, answer your queries and offer support at every step of the way.

7. After-sales Service

Even after the transaction is complete, a professional landed property agent will continue to provide after-sales service. They can offer advice on property management, connect you with trusted service providers, and assist with any future real estate needs you may have.


By working with a landed property agent, you can benefit from their industry expertise, market knowledge, and professional guidance, making the buying or selling process a seamless and successful experience.

How can a property agent help me negotiate a better deal?

A skilled and experienced landed property agent can play a crucial role in helping you negotiate a better deal when purchasing property. Here’s how they can support you throughout the negotiation process:

1. Market Knowledge

A proficient agent possesses in-depth knowledge of the landed property market, including recent sales, price trends, and the value of properties in specific areas. They can provide you with valuable insights to help you determine a fair and reasonable offer.

With their expertise, agents can assess the value of the property you’re interested in buying. They consider various factors such as the property’s condition, location, nearby amenities, and recent market transactions to help you determine the property’s worth accurately.

3. Negotiation Skills

Landed property agents are skilled negotiators who are familiar with various negotiation strategies and tactics. They leverage their expertise to advocate for your best interests and secure a better deal for you. They negotiate on your behalf, taking into account your budget, desired terms, and the property’s market value.

4. Access to Information

Agents have access to a wide network of industry professionals, including property owners, developers, and other agents. This network allows them to gather crucial information and insights about potential properties and the current market conditions, which can help strengthen your negotiation position.

5. Objective Advice

An agent acts as your unbiased advisor throughout the negotiation process. They provide objective feedback on the terms and conditions of the deal, helping you make informed decisions. Their expertise helps ensure you’re not swayed by emotions and remain focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

6. Conflict Resolution

Negotiations may encounter challenges or disagreements between buyers and sellers. A landed property agent can step in as a mediator to resolve conflicts and find mutually beneficial solutions. Their objective involvement can help facilitate smooth and successful negotiations.

7. Closing Assistance

Once an agreement is reached, an agent can guide you through the closing process, ensuring that all necessary paperwork and legal requirements are fulfilled. They collaborate with lawyers, mortgage brokers, and other professionals involved in the transaction, ensuring a seamless and stress-free closing experience.


By enlisting the services of a professional landed property agent, you can tap into their expertise and benefit from their negotiation skills, market knowledge, and industry connections. Their assistance can significantly improve your chances of securing a better deal and achieving your property buying goals.

Absolutely! A property agent can be a valuable asset in selling your property. With their expertise and knowledge of the real estate market, they can effectively navigate the complexities of the selling process and help you achieve a successful sale.

One of the key benefits of engaging a property agent is their extensive network and reach. They have access to a wide pool of potential buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing landed properties. This enables them to effectively market your property to the right audience, increasing the chances of finding a suitable buyer quickly.

In addition, a landed property agent can provide valuable guidance and advice throughout the selling journey. They will conduct a thorough analysis of your property, considering factors such as location, size, condition, and market demand. Using this information, they can help you determine the optimal selling price that is both competitive and realistic.

Furthermore, a skilled landed property agent will handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork involved in the selling process. From drafting the sales agreement to coordinating property viewings and negotiations, they will ensure that everything is done accurately and efficiently.

Their expertise also extends to negotiations. A professional landed property agent is skilled in negotiating with potential buyers to secure the best possible deal for you. They will advocate for your interests and strive to achieve a price that maximizes the value of your property.

Throughout the entire process, a landed property agent will provide you with regular updates and feedback, keeping you informed about the progress of the sale. They will address any questions or concerns you have, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of each step involved in selling your property.

In summary, enlisting the help of a landed property agent can greatly benefit you when selling your property. From their extensive network and marketing strategies to their expertise in pricing, negotiations, and paperwork, they will streamline the selling process and increase your chances of a successful sale.

How much does it cost to hire a landed property agent?

The cost of engaging a landed property agent can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the type of property you are looking to buy, the location, and the level of service you require.

Generally, the cost of hiring a landed property agent is determined by a commission-based structure. The commission is typically a percentage of the final sale price of the property. 

It’s important to note that the commission is usually split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. As a potential property buyer, you would typically only be responsible for paying the commission for your own agent. The seller would cover the cost of their agent’s commission.

In addition to the commission, there may be other fees or expenses associated with hiring a landed property agent. These can include administrative fees, marketing expenses, and any additional services that you may require, such as property valuation or legal assistance. It’s advisable to clarify these potential fees with the agent upfront to have a clear understanding of the total cost involved.

While it’s understandable that cost is an important consideration when hiring a landed property agent, it’s equally important to consider the benefits they bring to the table. An experienced agent can provide valuable insights, negotiate on your behalf, handle paperwork and legalities, and streamline the buying process. Ultimately, their expertise can save you time, money, and potential pitfalls in the highly competitive property market.

What qualifications should I look for in a landed property agent?

When looking for a qualified landed property agent, there are several key qualifications you should consider. These qualifications will help ensure that you choose an agent who is knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Here are some important qualifications to look for:

The first and foremost qualification to consider is whether the agent has a valid real estate license through the CEA Public Register. This license ensures that the agent has completed the necessary education and training to legally practice real estate in Singapore. It also guarantees that the agent is regulated and held to a certain standard of professional conduct.

2. Specialisation in Landed Properties

Landed properties have their own unique set of considerations and complexities. It is important to find an agent who specialises in this specific type of property. Look for someone who has a deep understanding of landed property regulations, market trends, and the intricacies involved in buying or selling landed properties.

3. Experience and Track Records

A qualified landed property agent should have a solid track record of successful transactions in the landed property market. Look for an agent with substantial experience working with both buyers and sellers of landed properties. This experience demonstrates their ability to navigate the specific challenges that arise in this market segment.

4. Local Market Knowledge

In addition to experience, it is crucial for a landed property agent to possess a comprehensive understanding of the local market. They should be well-versed in the different neighbourhoods, pricing trends, and amenities in the areas where landed properties are located. This knowledge will enable them to provide accurate and valuable insights to their clients.

5. Familiarity with Landed Property Regulations

Landed properties are subject to specific regulations and restrictions that may vary depending on the location. A qualified agent should be well-informed about these regulations and able to guide you through the intricacies of land ownership, building restrictions, and zoning requirements. This knowledge ensures that you make well-informed decisions and comply with all relevant legal obligations.

6. Effective Communication and Negotiation Skills

A good agent should also possess excellent communication and negotiation skills. They should be able to effectively communicate with both buyers and sellers, as well as other professionals involved in the transaction. Strong negotiation skills will allow them to advocate for your interests and secure the best possible terms and conditions.


By considering these qualifications when choosing a landed property agent, you can enhance your chances of finding an expert who will guide you through the process with professionalism and expertise. Remember you can request for a consultation with the property agent before making your final decision.

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